I met @truthslinger on Instagram a few years back. He was one of the most consistent photographers from the continent I followed at the time when it comes to engagement via posts. It is clear he is someone who puts a lot of time into his craft. He shows Africa in a very unique way. From then we would chat every now and then. What he and other Kenyan photographers are doing is truly inspiring. They go on road trips and showcase their country, they also do meetups and photo walks with photographers in their city.

I watched as Mutua (@truthslinger) grouped up with a few of his friends to start a crowdfunding campaign for what they called Unscrambling Africa, a project of doing 15,000 Km going further south from Kenya across Africa via road. Their campaign was highly successful. So their journey to visit 13 cities, 10 countries started. Finally, they made it to Harare and I got to spend time with Mutua and Josh and chat and show them a little of my city Harare. We had some deep conversations on African storytelling. It’s amazing how African creatives from different locations can share similar experiences.

I feel this exchange is what Africa needs more and can’t wait to see what conversations this project creates. Unscrambling Africa is a few creatives passionate about what they do and taking the initiative to go out and create the conversation we want for ourselves about Africa.

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– @truthslinger
– @joshkisamwa