Recently, I took a trip to Malawi. On arrival at Kamuzu Banda International Airport in Lilongwe, the weather was cloudy, different from the forecast that promised high temperatures and clear skies. As I disembarked from the plane, I noticed the ground was wet and the air had a freshness about it, clearly It had been raining. Inside the airport building, I was impressed by how quick the immigration process took despite the airport itself being in a rather old state and it seemingly having ongoing construction work. Within no time I left the airport and was heading towards the city on the M1. As I sat in the vehicle, the clouds began to clear and I noticed the sun setting to our right. I asked the driver to pull over. It is true that sunsets have to be the biggest cliche in photography, but witnessing this was definitely a great experience. It was this unexpected show of saturated light and color, all this going almost unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of rush hour of this African capital city with a population of over six hundred thousand.

Almost over half an hour later when I got back into the car to go, the driver said, “you have made me look at Lilongwe in a new way”. So many times we carry on about our business while spectacular sunsets like the one we just witnessed happen. I found this quite fascinating, by doing what you love, you inspire others and awaken the hearts of others too.