Josh Meck is an afro jazz guitarist and singer, he has worked with a lot of local and some international artists and done a few tours. He is currently based in South Africa but caught up with him on one of his visits back home here in Zimbabwe. We go way back, as back in high school  we used to play together in the Prince Edward School Harare, Jazz Band! When Josh plays and sings he really gets into it, he does the most with his facial expressions and I have always joked that I want to make a collage of some of his performance faces. For this shoot, I asked him to play a song… I had an afro theme in mind, and with a maize/corn field as a back drop you can’t go wrong… Josh is currently working on getting his website up, but he is available to do gigs with his band for weddings, parties, private functions etc here in Zimbabwe and in SA. You can watch his music video here




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