Last Saturday I visited Lovemore Muchemwa the brains behind EMORE – Super Maputi for the first time. The man is a genius. He engineered machines he likes to refer to as Maputi Guns, and these are what he uses in coming up with his own brand of Maputi – Super White Maputi. Maputi is basically popcorn from Maize. He has different products including Flavored Maputi. He has engineered three of these machines and is working on a 4th bigger and automatic one. I took sometime to take a few photos with the lighting that I could get and he also wanted a photo with his priced possession his truck. He says he has had this car for over a decade. I am inspired, these are some of the unsung heroes in our community with innovative ideas and providing jobs for the community. If you LOVE Maputi like I do, and would love to order or any other queries you can send a request for his details via my contacts

Harare Zimbabwe Photographer

The Home of Super Maputi in Harare, Zimbabwe








Closeup of on of the machines he engineered. He calls them Maputi Guns.